How to Write a Wikipedia Article

Are you struggling to write Wikipedia articles that are informative and enjoyable to the reader? Then you need to learn and gain some of the techniques used by people in the site.

Most newbies in Wikipedia have trouble writing good pages. You might find yourself staring in blank screen with no idea on what to write. Most of people do not even know where to start. It helps to have an outline which will help you focus on the area you are writing instead of dealing with the whole project at once.

Here are some tips to help you make a good outline (taken from the Wikipedia editing service, Get Your Wiki).

Article Title: first of all, select an eye catching title that has the keyword you have been given.
Article Introduction: Introduce the subject by informing the reader what the article is all about. Highlight whatever you will be discussing here.
Sub Headlines: your article should have sub topics so that the reader doesn’t have a hard time. List each subtopic.
Article conclusion: this should be the summary of your article. Sum up whatever you have written about and give some solution and advises to your readers.
Your resource Box: this should contain a sentence giving a link to the source of your information.

The subtopics should contain point from the ones in your article. This will actually make the article easy to read and understand. Make sure that you do the necessary research on the subject you are writing about. It will actually be better if you research each sub headline separately. Make sure that the information you give is very true, and you should not be the origin. It is always important to avoid copy pasting information at all costs. Always use your own words.

When you are done writing, go through it and see whether there are any grammatical mistakes. If anything doesn’t flow well, go ahead and change it. You can also give someone the article to proofread it one more time. You might find this difficult at first, but with time, you will get used to it.

Get your wiki is a company that specializes in Wikipedia writing. You can hire the company to write Wikipedia pages for you at a small fee. Their work will definitely be approved because they

Shaygan Kheradpir Massive Contribution to The World of Bussiness Technology

Business technology covers a wide range of services, software and hardware that enhance operations in a company to keep it running. Technology is vital to every aspect of a business that runs from customer communication, accounting to product design. In today’s competitive market, business technology when applied effectively can assist small businesses look larger than they are and help them forge ahead. Big leaps in technology development in the recent past have provided major and cheaper options for companies all over the world.

One person who has made big leaps in the world of business technology is Shaygan Kheradpir on ireport.cnn. Shaygan Kheradpir began his career at the GTE Laboratories where he worked on network control, management and routing. He moved on to become the chief information officer of the company where according to the wall street journal he gained respect for conveying new product right on schedule. In 2000, when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications, Shaygan Kheradpir became the President of the e-business division before moving on to become the company’s Chief Information Officer. While at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir played a big role in the broadening the company’s telecommunication services range.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s most notable achievement at Verizon was implementing a 30-day prototype cycle that worked rapidly to modify new technologies in the development world. His team at Verizon, which consisted of about 7,000 staff, worked tirelessly in the development of the fiber optic video and the related DVR. They also went ahead to create IOBI, a software that manages caller ID, address books and other technological features in devices.

During Shaygan Kheradpir tenure, the company was able to lower its information technology budget to four percent of revenue compared to six percent in previous years. He bargained aggressively with vendors to decrease prices and insisted that Verizon should do away with its policy of buying IT equipment being auctioned on eBay by failed businesses. Most contract programming places were out-sourced to lower the cost labor in India. Also, they installed new software that greatly improved Verizon’s consumption of IT hardware.

In 2002, Shaygan Kheradpir developed the Verizon One, which is a combination of a router, phone, modem and portable device. His division is also said to have restructured a lot of Verizon’s interior systems such as website, call center, and automated customer service systems. In January 2011, Shaygan moved to Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer. At Barclays, he developed customer products such as the well known Pingit mobile payments software.

Shaygan then moved to Jupiter Networks as the CEO. Here he launched an IOP that was associated with the proposal of activist investors to decrease expenses, purchase back stock, and boost dividends. Between 2010 and 2013, Shaygan Kheradpir served on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Kheradpir served as a board member of the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York from 2007 to 2010.

A Real Reason to Skout for Online Dating

Online dating has been a perfect way through which different people have been able to connect with new friends and in most cases has offered users a platform where they can easily access love. There are many websites that offer online dating where one can find love. This is a place where shy people can find partners because approaching someone face to face can be challenging. Online dating can also allow one to save as there is no much travel involved as well as minimizing embarrassments. One of the most trusted platforms where one can find love is Skout. This is a well designed system that offers users of all levels easy time while interacting with potential partners.

Skout has attracted hundreds of members and the forum has been growing each day. One of the reasons that people have offered for using Skout is the fact that it is designed with the easiest interface. It is easy to access different commands and connecting with users on the platforms easy. The infrastructure that has been used for the database is top notch as this allows for faster load speeds and a better experience while using the system.

One of the things members have applauded in the system is the presence of features that make it easy to find members. These include the search feature that has been structured in a special manner that offers the user the capability to make tailored searches. One is able to offer the criterion that is supposed to be used while searching for information on the site.

Support is something that encourages one to use a system. Skout on zendesk has allowed members to easily reach support for assistance on different issues that seem complicated. Their support team is always responsive and they always offer the right solutions to issues. Members who are new to the system are taken through to get a clear understanding of how things are done. This has made it easier for someone to use the platform as there are no difficult procedures that make it difficult for one to connect with others. They are friendly and their charges are the most affordable despite the benefits users are bound to get on using the platform.

More than 50% of people who have used the platform confirm that they had a perfect experience and their information was guaranteed privacy. Skout offers top security to ensure all details supplied by members are secured from malicious individuals. Hacking has also been prevented through the use of the best encryption software and the system is kept up to date to ensure no leakages may occur thereby putting users at risk of losing their information. It is a perfect location that most people have used to find partners for some serious relationships.

How Purina PetCare is Positively Changing Your Work Environment

As traumatic as this can be for the pets, the owners are experiencing a degree of anxiety and stress too. Purina PetCare has taken great steps to make sure that this situation does not have to play out in homes around the region any longer. The annual bring your pet to work program originally started to bring awareness to an issue through Purina news, and has quickly become a solution that has benefited more than just the pets and their owners.

The pets of course were the first to benefit when the new program was initiated. These pets not only did not have to be anxious as their owners left the house for eight or more hours each day, they got to interact with their loved ones throughout the work day. The pets enjoyed their time in the vehicle on the way to work, and were able to get in some exercise with their owners during lunch breaks. By bringing the pets to work, it helped to reduce the stress levels in those animals, allowing them to live a more healthy lifestyle each day as they spent more time with their owners.

The pet owners were next in line to enjoy the huge benefits of the bring your pet to work program. No more leaving their friends behind each morning as they head off to work. Now the two can share the journey to work together, and interact throughout the day while on the job. It doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like quality time being spent between animal and friend, a time that is valued and cherished.

The biggest winner in this PetCare program however and the one who was the recipient of more positive results was the business itself. By allowing employees to bring their pets to work with them, the entire workplace experienced a change in production and customer experiences. The employees were able to focus more on their jobs and their clients when they can rest knowing their pets are safe and secure. This allows them to increase productivity, providing a more pleasurable experience to the client and increasing the focus of the employee.

While this program has a far reaching positive experience for all involved, it might not be for every business. To ensure the business owner understands what is involved and what it takes to make this program successful, the Purina PetCare company has developed a package to introduce the concept to the work environment. The company feels with small changes to everyday procedures, this program can benefit everyone involved in your work place.

How Using Skout Has Made Life More Easier and Fun

In the modern world, every activity has been automated and different software suites developed to match the needs of human beings. Technology has helped to ease different processes and to make life more interesting. Dating has been one of the areas that have enjoyed the benefits that technology has availed. There are many websites that have been launched to offer dating services and different people have been able to locate the right t persons for a relationship. Skout is one of the many platforms that have been developed for dating and it has attracted hundreds of users, who have applauded the design and efficiency the system has been made to offer.

Skout has made it more fun to find love. People who are shy will have easy time approaching the right partner using this platform. It can be traumatizing for a shy individual to find the right partner. This is something that has been addressed by having a system that allows one to go online to search for a partner. Skout on skoutshop allows one to express his/ her feelings without fear because one can do many things behind the keyboard compared to when it is done live. Within few minutes, one can link up with a partner from this platform and this can only take few days to get more information about the person.

Applications like Skout also allow one to get a wide selection and this makes it easy to find a perfect match. It is easy to search through the application to find people who bear similar characteristics as one is searching for. In the off-line world, it can be difficult to read what the other person wants in a relationship as this is not detailed anywhere. However, Skout offers users a better experience by allowing them to read through information provided by others. Choosing therefore becomes a matter of clicking a button. Searching is also fun as there are many features one can use. This includes different criteria that can be used to locate users in the system.

The interface provided by Skout is also impressive and easy to use. They have strategically placed all features and buttons to make it easy for users to locate different commands while using the system. This is something that has encouraged users of all levels to join the platform because there are no complicated procedures involved. Load speeds on the system are awesome as there are no delays that can make it difficult to share information efficiently.

It is also good news to note that Skout is a secure platform that is created to allow users to have easy time while searching for partners. It can be understood that not everyone who joins such a platform olds good intentions. Some will only be there with the aim to fleece other members.

The Nurturing Spirit of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Environment

Over the years, Chicago has grown to be a haven for entrepreneurs and startup companies. It provides an environment whereby Entrepreneurs can make a living and a life too. The Windy City was ranked highly by PMG as one of the most cost effective cities to do business; this might be one lure that brings them to this city. Chicago also has a highly differentiated economy encompassing sectors such as Manufacturing, Information technology, risk management and health services. Together they rake in a GRP of over $575 billion. These statistics have lured in top enterprises who call the Windy City home.

One such entrepreneur who took advantage of this city’s favorable economic climate is Majeed Ekbal. Having studied International business and Marketing at American University in Washington D.C, Ekbal set up an individual specialty grocery business called Expresso. The platform took on the responsibility to search and procure rare and uncommon food items for clients that are then delivered in good time.

Currently, Majeed exerts his skills as a Rainmaker (Relationship Management), Digital Marketer, Social media marketer, SEO analyst, health care marketer at Razorfish.
Another entrepreneur is Matt Unger, who founded Roompact, a software that helps University Administrators to predict and prevent roommate clashes. This idea was nurtured and developed by one of the City’s support structure called The Think Tank program.

The program receives support from amongst others Howard Tullman the CEO of1871 a non-profit startup hub situated in Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. The building houses over 325 digital startups. Tullman and his team aim to provide Chicago entrepreneurs with education, and inspiration by aiding access to countless mentors, lectures, seminars, classes, and panels.

Another beneficent of the think-tank program is Allison Bedell an engineer and human-centered designer focusing on the medical device industry. Allison received a BS in Biomedical Engineering and after that an MS in Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University. It exposed her on how to cultivate innovation and thus went on to design user-centered health and end user solutions for companies like Samsung and Procter & Gamble after she went on to set up her medical device startup. Allison was recognized by the James Dyson Foundation for work on this device and attributes her accomplishments to the attentive fusion of ideas and effective collaboration with other teams. She aims to continue aiding in the innovations in medicine and making a substantial change in the lives of patients, either by improvements in medicine or patient experience.

This generation of mentorship and venture capital is allowing startups to flourish and with it exploiting talent from a large number of graduates from the cities universities and others from other states. However, experts say that the City has a long way to go in retaining all of this human capital, especially in the Technology field.

The Lime Crime Look

When really looking good matters, women will always choose makeup that works for them. Whether it’s that reliable shade of pink lipstick from a tried and true brand or a powder that has stood the test of time, women choose makeup because it delivers on a promise of making them look better than average. A step up from there, however, is makeup that delivers on a whole other level. That’s makeup that makes a real statement, and that is a statement that says, “Yes, I’m beautiful.”

Rocking a Great Look With Lime Crime

Lime Crime cosmetics is a rock and roll makeup line that first came on the scene in 2007/2008. The brand was created by a Russian emigre Internet entrepreneur named Doe Deere who started out with a fashion line and then moved into makeup. What really drives this brand is the idea that makeup shouldn’t just make a woman a little better looking. Instead, her makeup should make a statement that shouts out “I’m bold, I’m brave, and yes, I’m really beautiful!”

The Lime Crime look delivers all that and more, with a fabulous selection of lip colors and shadows and glitter pots that bring a compelling artfulness to the whole daily beauty routine. The Lime Crime look is one that goes far beyond the usual selection of foundation and concealers into cosmetics that blast an everyday look into something that’s really quite extraordinary.

Lip Color That’s Truly Fabulous

The Velvetines lip color line on is a key innovation from Lime Crime. Developed by Deere herself with a dedicated chemist, these unique lip colors are the first to go on “liquid to matte.” They also keep their wild colors without crumbling, for a look that’s kissable as can be. Velvetines are also certified “cruelty free” and they come in a range of gorgeous colors that run from hot pink to deep purple, blacks and even a mushroom shade of beige brown.

Catch a Unicorn

Women can also choose from a wilder range of lip color in Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick line. These smooth, slightly more wet matte lipsticks are available in gorgeous shades of pink, purple, red, orange and even yellow, green and wildly electric blue.

For an even more stunning look, women can add a dose of gorgeous glitter onto their lips and eyes with Zodiac glitter pots from Lime Crime.

Is it any wonder that Lime Crime is catching on a big way? Women who love looking good know that this brand has what they want, and what they need, beauty wise.

A Look at The Benefits of Investment Banking

An investment banking institution helps individuals, organizations as well as government units to trade successfully. This is a group of professionals such as James Dondero on, who are able to source for clear details about the market and offer the right advice to interested individuals. Some of the activities that are involved in investment banking include underwriting and capital generation activities that are approved. Due to the complexities that prevail in the money markets, such as identifying the right stocks to buy, investment banking institutions chip in to seal this gap. They are able to offer invaluable details about how the market operates, and the right time to invest in certain fields.

There are also more activities in investment banking. These include research and advice as submitted to offer a clear picture of the right stocks to invest in. Research has been instrumental in helping companies and individuals to understand how different institutions are performing in the market. This information has also been helpful in ensuring one makes the right decisions. The stock market is tricky if one lacks the necessary skills and experience. There are times when a close analysis is needed to unearth what one needs to do before proceeding to invest. Most actions in this market are inspired by such research as it offers a clear picture of what is bound to happen within a certain period of time.

Risk management has also been a factor in the process of implementing an investment banking plan. Every market has risks and this could mean losses to investors who are not aware how different actions can lead to these risks turning to pitfalls. Therefore, hiring the services of an investment banking firm helps to reveal certain risks that are able to bring about losses and how one can mitigate the effects of such risks.

Professionals like James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management, have been instrumental in ensuring investors get a clear understanding of the market. James Dondero holds more than 30 years of experience in the field of credit and equity management. He has managed to come up with reliable systems that help to make credit management easier. He has also been instrumental in offering information about different areas of investment.

Different investment banking firms employ a well trained group of professionals, who are tasked with the creation and management of an in-house software that is supposed to help in the management of all client activities. They are able to create complicated algorithm and systems that will offer efficiency and security for different operations in the company.

Sales and trading is also highlighted in key banking activities. These firms help to identify the right traders for certain stocks and to analyze the potential of different investments offering returns as expected. Therefore, the primary function of this arm is selling and buying.

Beneful Is One Of The Best Brands Of Dog Foods

Some pet owners have a terrible time when it comes to getting their dog to eat food that they bought for them. The pet owner goes to the grocery store; they pick up any food they can find, and they bring it home and put it in the dog’s bowl. Dogs may be animals, but they have a lot of human characteristics, especially when it comes to what they eat. Dogs like good tasting food, and whether the food is good for them or not, they want to make sure they will enjoy the food. It’s unlikely that a dog will eat just any food they are given.

A dog may refuse to eat a certain food because they don’t like the taste of it. If a human gets something in the mouth that they don’t like, they are likely to spit it out, throw it up, or toss it away. Dogs will also reject food that they don’t like, and there may be several reasons why they don’t like it. If the food tastes bad, then the dog may not eat it. If the dog starts eating the food, and it makes them sick, they are likely to reject eating any more of the food.

It’s also possible that the smell of the dog food will make the dog not want to go near it. A pet owner that is having problems feeding a dog when it comes to mealtimes will need to switch the foods they are buying, especially if they are buying store brands of dog food. Although a pet owner may feel they are doing right by their dog by just picking up any brand of dog food, it’s a good idea to engage how the dog is eating the food. If the dog leaves a lot of the food behind it means they do not really care for the food.

It’s a good idea to try different kinds of dog foods, but those who don’t want to spend the money it takes to test different dog foods may just want to buy Beneful. Not only does Beneful have great dog food, but there are different varieties and flavors, so any dog will be able to find food that pleases their palate. If a dog prefers wet dog food, Beneful has several different brands of wet dog food that any dog will enjoy.

The dry dog food is also great for dogs, and with the chewy, delicious, great tasting dog food that Purina Beneful has available, it’s no wonder why many dog owners swear by the brand. Beneful also has snacks and treats for dogs, so every dog will be able to find something that they like. There is no point in wrestling with a dog when it comes time for their meals; it’s a better idea to give them something that they want to eat.