What Makes Lime Crime Different?

Lime Crime is fast becoming one of the most liked beauty product companies due to their innovative style. According to experts, Lime Crime products are attractive because they offer unique colors that are uncommon in the market. In addition, the luminous and bright scheme makes these products stand apart from their competitors. In a sense, beauticians at Lime Crime have decoded women’s desire to look unique. Today, the company has thrived on the basis of novel and exotic designs of its beauty products offering a different perspective on fashion by selling bold and practical makeup kits.

Lime Crime is the brain child of make-up lovers from Los Angeles who wanted to offer distinctive skin care and beauty products without attracting undue attention. Perhaps, the company has made tremendous inroads in the beauty industry because its products are not flamboyant or flashy like its competitors. Instead, Lime Crime brand offers distinctive colors that can easily blend with the personality without attracting undue attention. According to the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, she wants girls to achieve their dreams by feeling confident in how they put makeup without resorting to expansive beauty makeovers.

Lime Crime Products

Despite its appeal and trendy looks, Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime.com beauticians try to include natural ingredients that do not irritate skin. In addition, imports from other countries are meticulously investigated ensuring that the provider abides by humane laws; therefore Lime Crime takes pride in marketing its makeup products, cruelty-free. The management also ensures that animal derivatives are not used in any of the products, and none of the suppliers conduct animal testing.

The company also encourages its customers to inquire about the product when shopping online because it wants to create personalized experience for each client without relying on mass-market campaigns to bolster its product image. Almost all of its products are made available to buy online making it easier for ladies to get pertinent information about every color and style. In addition, the entire range of products is priced to remain very competitive. Lime Crime offers most of its products under $50 including an array of assortments in one package. As a part of its marketing strategy, Lime Crime also ensures that its customers can get all pertinent information on ingredients and relevant product description. Accordingly, the information is made available online on its website making it easier to select the most desirable product. Accompanying pictures also help ladies visualize final looks before buying a specific makeup product.

Where to Buy?

In future, Lime Crime plans to market its products to high-end retailers and popular beauty salons. However, strict quality control restricts expansion without adequate measures for personal interaction. Most of Lime Crime products can be bought online where it is easy to get relevant products information and contact company representatives who can guide customers to select their desired product.

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  1. As of now, the company has two retail outlets in Los Angeles and New York. Besides, selected retailers around the world are also certified to sell Lime Crime makeup. Sometimes I do ask the guys will you do my homework for me and their responses were really epic ones.

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