Handy Can Come in Handy

Having the time to clean your home is difficult. In fact, it often is downright impossible. With everything else you need to do around the house, regarding your personal life, your family and really everything else associated with it, chances are cleaning just falls by the wayside. So what in the world are you suppose to do and how are you suppose to fix it? Well, you just need to bring in the help of a professional cleaning service to improve upon the look of your home in no time. This is where Handy comes in truly handy. The service works off of your mobile device. All you need to do is launch the application, select when you need the cleaning and a professional cleaner is going to be at your home. Even if you need a cleaning the same day or within a few hours, Handy can come to the rescue. So how in the world are you able to get all of this to work? It is rather straight forward, and doesn’t take long to do at all.

Set it Up

So how do you set up Handy?do you go to youtube? First you just need to download the application, which is free, to your mobile device. It is available on both Android and iOS, so you can find it located in the App Store or Google Play. Once you have it downloaded you need to create a profile. This includes your name, address and payment information. You are never going to actually hand money over to the cleaning professional. All of this is taken care of through the application. Once the cleaning service has finished your account is billed and you can enjoy a clean home, all without any sort of cash requirement (this way, you don’t need to fumble around, looking for money to pay the cleaner).

But Is It Safe?

You better believe it is safe. First, there have been over a million bookings done with Handy. Many of these are repeat professionals. Outside of this, it is also safe due to the amount of background checks performed on these individuals who are looking to clean. It isn’t a case of just anyone is able to sign up and clean the house. No, that is not how it is done. Instead, Handy first performs a background and criminal check on the individual. They they look for references and previous work to make sure they not only have done the cleaning before, but that they have people who can back up everything they have done.

So, now that you know this service is available to you and that it is safe, you never need to worry again about not being able to clean your home or not having enough time to do the necessary chores around the house. Everything can be taken care of with the help of handy.

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