American Business Woman Susan McGalla

Many women want to enter the field of business. Doing so can mean balancing competing needs of all kinds. A successful business woman is someone who will be able accomplish many kinds of tasks. She may need to spend one week working directly on marketing strategies for customers in a given area and then the next working closely with suppliers to make sure that the company’s supplies are available at all times even in the event of a shortage. Many business women must also work with other areas of business development including accounting, money flow management and hiring the right employees to make sure that the business is able to function initially and then expand in the future.

A business woman who has managed the many roles required of her is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a native of the American Midwest where she enjoyed a pleasant upbringing in suburban Ohio. Here, she learned firsthand what consumers want and need when they are going to the local mall in order to purchase clothing. Her time here also taught her what it takes to run a business in order to satisfy clients of varied backgrounds who are likely to enter any given contemporary American mall. As a result, she was fully prepared to enter college and begin her career in the field of business. She also realized that she wanted to specifically focus on the field of retail apparel as she knew she could do what was required of her when entering this field.

McGalla decided to earn a degree in the field in marketing and business from Mount Union College in Ohio. After graduation, she found herself drawn to the field of retailing where she realized she could make her mark. Her first job was with the Joseph Home Company, a highly respected company devoted to providing people in America with access to high quality consumer goods. Her work here was widely hailed for her ability to help the company reach out to consumers and figure out what they want as well as her work in creating new marketing campaigns for the company consumer base.

After her work here, McGalla decided to move on to American Eagle Outfitters company. This company provides consumers with products to wear that are hip and trendy and yet comfortable as well as affordable. Her work here focused on various areas of company management and expansion including merchandise buying for many stores. She worked hard to help the company expand in new areas of the nation and reach out to new buyers from many varied backgrounds. He work was noticed and she was able to rise within the ranks of the company, eventually becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer as well as the president of the company.

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  1. Since that time, she has left the company to focus on her own consulting business and working closely with other retailers to help them achieve the same success she was able to find during her stint at American Eagle Outfitters. This ofcourse has helped me when writing my paper and I did excellently well too.

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