What Makes Lime Crime Different?

Lime Crime is fast becoming one of the most liked beauty product companies due to their innovative style. According to experts, Lime Crime products are attractive because they offer unique colors that are uncommon in the market. In addition, the luminous and bright scheme makes these products stand apart from their competitors. In a sense, beauticians at Lime Crime have decoded women’s desire to look unique. Today, the company has thrived on the basis of novel and exotic designs of its beauty products offering a different perspective on fashion by selling bold and practical makeup kits.

Lime Crime is the brain child of make-up lovers from Los Angeles who wanted to offer distinctive skin care and beauty products without attracting undue attention. Perhaps, the company has made tremendous inroads in the beauty industry because its products are not flamboyant or flashy like its competitors. Instead, Lime Crime brand offers distinctive colors that can easily blend with the personality without attracting undue attention. According to the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, she wants girls to achieve their dreams by feeling confident in how they put makeup without resorting to expansive beauty makeovers.

Lime Crime Products

Despite its appeal and trendy looks, Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime.com beauticians try to include natural ingredients that do not irritate skin. In addition, imports from other countries are meticulously investigated ensuring that the provider abides by humane laws; therefore Lime Crime takes pride in marketing its makeup products, cruelty-free. The management also ensures that animal derivatives are not used in any of the products, and none of the suppliers conduct animal testing.

The company also encourages its customers to inquire about the product when shopping online because it wants to create personalized experience for each client without relying on mass-market campaigns to bolster its product image. Almost all of its products are made available to buy online making it easier for ladies to get pertinent information about every color and style. In addition, the entire range of products is priced to remain very competitive. Lime Crime offers most of its products under $50 including an array of assortments in one package. As a part of its marketing strategy, Lime Crime also ensures that its customers can get all pertinent information on ingredients and relevant product description. Accordingly, the information is made available online on its website making it easier to select the most desirable product. Accompanying pictures also help ladies visualize final looks before buying a specific makeup product.

Where to Buy?

In future, Lime Crime plans to market its products to high-end retailers and popular beauty salons. However, strict quality control restricts expansion without adequate measures for personal interaction. Most of Lime Crime products can be bought online where it is easy to get relevant products information and contact company representatives who can guide customers to select their desired product.

Handy Can Come in Handy

Having the time to clean your home is difficult. In fact, it often is downright impossible. With everything else you need to do around the house, regarding your personal life, your family and really everything else associated with it, chances are cleaning just falls by the wayside. So what in the world are you suppose to do and how are you suppose to fix it? Well, you just need to bring in the help of a professional cleaning service to improve upon the look of your home in no time. This is where Handy comes in truly handy. The service works off of your mobile device. All you need to do is launch the application, select when you need the cleaning and a professional cleaner is going to be at your home. Even if you need a cleaning the same day or within a few hours, Handy can come to the rescue. So how in the world are you able to get all of this to work? It is rather straight forward, and doesn’t take long to do at all.

Set it Up

So how do you set up Handy?do you go to youtube? First you just need to download the application, which is free, to your mobile device. It is available on both Android and iOS, so you can find it located in the App Store or Google Play. Once you have it downloaded you need to create a profile. This includes your name, address and payment information. You are never going to actually hand money over to the cleaning professional. All of this is taken care of through the application. Once the cleaning service has finished your account is billed and you can enjoy a clean home, all without any sort of cash requirement (this way, you don’t need to fumble around, looking for money to pay the cleaner).

But Is It Safe?

You better believe it is safe. First, there have been over a million bookings done with Handy. Many of these are repeat professionals. Outside of this, it is also safe due to the amount of background checks performed on these individuals who are looking to clean. It isn’t a case of just anyone is able to sign up and clean the house. No, that is not how it is done. Instead, Handy first performs a background and criminal check on the individual. They they look for references and previous work to make sure they not only have done the cleaning before, but that they have people who can back up everything they have done.

So, now that you know this service is available to you and that it is safe, you never need to worry again about not being able to clean your home or not having enough time to do the necessary chores around the house. Everything can be taken care of with the help of handy.

World Traveling With Skout

I’m the type of person that gets bored easily. I’ll admit, I got bored real quick with online dating. It was all the same. So many apps were simply clicking yes if someone was good looking and no if they weren’t. After that, I would wait around for a message. No matter what online dating app I was on, it seemed like I always discovered the same people. I was so sick of meeting guys that lived within a 10 mile radius of me! Of course, it seemed like this would be the most practical when it comes to online dating. Some people love that. I did not. I got bored so easily! All these guys were the same. There was one app I found that did not bore me.

The day I discovered Skout via twitter, I literally felt like the doors of adventure were opening up for me. Skout isn’t like any of the other apps out there. I don’t have to talk to anyone that lives close by. I can branch out and truly explore different cultures and different lifestyles. I can make friends all across the globe. I can do this by choosing the Skout travel option. I can pick places like London, Japan, New York, and anywhere in between! It’s like I’m traveling without ever having to leave my own home. I can learn all about a person that I never would have otherwise. It’s absolutely exhilarating. Skout travel is actually very practical as well. If I ever plan on physically traveling to somewhere I haven’t been before then this is the app for me. I can start talking to people before I get to my destination! That way, I will have a friend to rely on once I’m there. I will already feel comfortable enough with someone and they can show me the sights and sounds of a new city, state, or even country!

If I’m feeling extra adventurous, I can simply shake my phone and be connected to a user somewhere in the world. It’s always fun and exciting to see who I will be connected with. I love making new friends and this is a pressure free way to do so! Of course, If I want to do something a bit more local then I always have the option of choosing to talk to people in my state.

Overall, it’s a fun little app! So far, all the people that I’ve talked too have been nice. I feel safe with Skout. I’ve had many great conversations that would have not been possible without Skout.

American Business Woman Susan McGalla

Many women want to enter the field of business. Doing so can mean balancing competing needs of all kinds. A successful business woman is someone who will be able accomplish many kinds of tasks. She may need to spend one week working directly on marketing strategies for customers in a given area and then the next working closely with suppliers to make sure that the company’s supplies are available at all times even in the event of a shortage. Many business women must also work with other areas of business development including accounting, money flow management and hiring the right employees to make sure that the business is able to function initially and then expand in the future.

A business woman who has managed the many roles required of her is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a native of the American Midwest where she enjoyed a pleasant upbringing in suburban Ohio. Here, she learned firsthand what consumers want and need when they are going to the local mall in order to purchase clothing. Her time here also taught her what it takes to run a business in order to satisfy clients of varied backgrounds who are likely to enter any given contemporary American mall. As a result, she was fully prepared to enter college and begin her career in the field of business. She also realized that she wanted to specifically focus on the field of retail apparel as she knew she could do what was required of her when entering this field.

McGalla decided to earn a degree in the field in marketing and business from Mount Union College in Ohio. After graduation, she found herself drawn to the field of retailing where she realized she could make her mark. Her first job was with the Joseph Home Company, a highly respected company devoted to providing people in America with access to high quality consumer goods. Her work here was widely hailed for her ability to help the company reach out to consumers and figure out what they want as well as her work in creating new marketing campaigns for the company consumer base.

After her work here, McGalla decided to move on to American Eagle Outfitters company. This company provides consumers with products to wear that are hip and trendy and yet comfortable as well as affordable. Her work here focused on various areas of company management and expansion including merchandise buying for many stores. She worked hard to help the company expand in new areas of the nation and reach out to new buyers from many varied backgrounds. He work was noticed and she was able to rise within the ranks of the company, eventually becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer as well as the president of the company.

Role of Funding in NBA Games

Investment is a concept that pays handsome returns when grasped with great mastery. It is the decisions made by the individual that has funds to boost potential success that has not been tapped. By so doing, the investor will make a lot of returns, but it depends on the kind of decision made and facts taken into consideration. It is common to find investors crying foul over lost money or denied opportunities. It is a widespread concept that goes in money making opportunities. All industries from the media, manufacturing, sports and entertainment among many others, present these opportunities in everyday life.

Sports have taken the world by storm as a possible way to make money and get rich. Many sports people and making millions of dollars doing what they like. It is the important to note that the sports industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. The amount of appreciation and recognition has changed, and they are now accorded celebrity status. On the same note, the owners of these teams hit it big. The gain more fame money in the course of undertaking their business. The role they play is significant to the success of a team and the players themselves.

Good management skills from the owner of the team will trickle down and have a good effect on the success of the team. Teams whose owners are badly behaved or have no regard for others are seen to have a long span of success. It is because the kind if manager and coach that will be chosen to run the team will equally be biased or simply plays the tune of the owners. On the same note, it is common knowledge that team owners do not have the highest knowledge about the specific sport, but work for money. In the cases where they allow emotions and self-interest to overtake their decision making, they tend to lose it and scatter the team. It is in such cases that players are seen departing the team for betting playing environment and guarantee of wages. Therefore, the good conduct of the club owner brings forth possible success to the team.

Bruce Levenson is one such entrepreneur. The billionaire entrepreneur has extensive knowledge on issues business and making of partnership deals. He has been into many ventures across the United States, but the most significant being the ownership of Atlanta Hawks. He acquired the team back in 2004 and managed to grow it both in performance and value. The team won various games and had many successful players play for it. On the same note, the team and players have earned millions in sponsorship deals and advertising roles.

After owning the team for around ten years, Bruce Levenson saw an opportunity to sell off the team and make huge profits. After several bidders had presented their desires, the team was sold off for $730 million.